The suffering of a family from Gaza has lost its men and its home: hunger, expulsion, anxiety, sexual harassment and crying – Watch video

معاناة عائلة من غزة فقدت رجالها ومنزلها: جوع وطرد وقلق وتحرش جنسي وبكاء – شاهد فيديوDONATE لمساعدة الأسرة اضغط الرابط التالي  To help miserable and poor family, click on the link below DONATE HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين alnorani charity initiative This is the story of a family from […]

HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين

Please DONATE to Help the oppressed, the miserable, the ignorant, the sick and the poor.. Let us build a world of security, light, love, brotherhood, giving, prosperity, justice, freedom, joy and peace.. The founder of the initiative Dr. Hasan Alnorani DONATE DONATE To donate: PayPal.Me/hasanalnourani Or use Western […]

Walk naked! Walk in the light!

Hrria BahjaDo you want to tell you what is best for you?Wash your hearts with the joy of your love!Take off your lies from above your bodies, and from within your souls!Walk naked! Walk in the light!Enjoy life .. Enjoy love .. Enjoy freedom .. Enjoy harmony .. […]