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What is the best lifestyle?

Ram Sankar Palathinkal
Ram Sankar Palathinkal, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Calicut University Institute of Engineering and Technology (…

I don’t think about best lifestyle.I know about a good life style.

It include

Living simply,with an open mind.(“who is a vedic saint?”, “The one with simplest living and higher mind”

A slice of difference/variety, with a bit of traditional.

Dress comfortable,neat and tidy.

I just need 2 pairs of dresses.But i made sure it’s the most comfortable dress in the world.

Instead of buying fast food,go to a restaurant.Instead of going to restaurant,buy raw materials and cook yourself.Instead of buying raw materials,grow them.

Instead of using your bike,using bicycle.

Stop the AC.Open the window(if you are single)

Your bed is where you live in 1/3rd of your life.I didn’t came to life to complete 1/3rd of time in a 1000$ bed.If anybody can’t sleep over a wooden bench for a night,it means that their lifestyle is too depressing.


Books are my good friends.Internet is my best friend.A good friend always makes us good,where a best friend give us fun ,but can change us for bad too(not if we take care).

Yoga/self defense.Yoga ,contrary to popular belief is not a way to better health,it’s a stage to meditation.And i have been practicing a few kicks and tricks daily because I believe in a local saying

“Chela samayathu adiyekal nalla marunnilla”,

“Sometimes,a stick is the best medicine”.

I don’t want to go world tour.I live in india.I didn’t even gone length and breadth of my country.I don’t need to go to the great himalayas to attain divine enlightenment .I am satisfied in my mind.There is no temple greater than my villages’s temples.

I mostly make things,instead of buy it’s alertnative, costly branded things.For example,my custom made unicycle.cost me about 1.5$ in welding shop including that long steel pipe.Last time I checked,a similar one costs about 150–300$.

Never buy pets,instead adopt one.

Get bored instead of relying on electronic equipments.(means no quora when alone too)

Make a timetable for non-productive works.

Think,think alone,look for a spark to think,think with others,ask,search,wander for unfilled answers.This will make your life complex free.Sometimes some people skip or reverse some of it..

Remove the addictions by feeding the right wolf.If you don’t know one,it is dangerously hiding in your comfort zone.


charitable donations

مبادرة النوراني الخيرية Alnorani Charitable Initiative Help poor patients in GAZA STRIP-Palestine



Diana Crețu
Diana Crețu, I am, therefore I can answer in Life.
The one that provides the person the most personal enjoyment, without harming others or themselves.

And if they also enrich other people’s lives, I hear there’s piles of extra enjoyment hidden there.

Can’t go less general than this, because humans cover a huge spectrum of personal preferences, hobbies, abilities, capabilities, dreams, aspirations, interests, concerns, passions, and things they find enjoyable.

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charitable donations

مبادرة النوراني الخيرية Alnorani Charitable Initiative Help poor patients in GAZA STRIP-Palestine


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