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There are two kinds of people in this world: A Giver and a Receiver

Ohoriozone Theodore

Ohoriozone Theodore

The receiver usually waits till they meet someone who can give them whatever they need. But there are some people in this receiver kind who do not like to wait and they just go out there to grab or acquire things. These can be material things like property, money or immaterial things like love, sex, relationship. The desire to go get things is ambition. It can be long term or short term.

If one doesn’t have an ambition, it is no big deal. Just ask yourself this – are you a giver? If you are then you might be able to create something for yourself or others which is useful and meaningful. Even the people in receiver type do create but that creation is limited for themselves or at least it doesn’t help others much without helping them.

Acknowledge and accept who you are – this is the first step. Once you have done that, now go on to do whatever it is you feel like (not because someone else is doing it, not because someone is asking you to do it, not because you think it is wise to do it). Go on to do whatever you feel like. As long is it is not hurtful or harmful to anyone else, you will be happy with the free flow of energy within you and that you are able to do something worthwhile with it.

Do not get trapped in the perception of other people’s lives. You are different for a reason and that reason is good enough to get you going. You do not need any decorated desire (such as ambition) to live fully. All the best!

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