Psychology of Joy


Psychology of Joy is a multidimensional psychology which integrates philosophy, meditation and unique creative processes which support more mindful and loving states of consciousness. Psychology of joy accomplishes this by generating a “Loving Space” in which all elements of the human psyche, the subconscious, conscious and superconscious are integrated and from which  personal
transformation proceeds. The purpose of Psychology of Joy is to provide unique understandings of human psychology and personal experiences that support individuals, families and communities to live profoundly joyous lives.

In the new paradigm of psychology the goal of psychological integration, realization and actualization will be through processes which are fundamentally joyous. Psychology of Joy is a psychology of the future.

To support individuals in creating more meaning, fulfillment and personal growth Psychology of Joy offers individual, couples and family therapy, telephone counseling, life coaching, courses and workshops.

We cannot talk about joy without talking about suffering. Pain is part of existence. How we respond and what our minds do with that pain, especially emotional pain, can lead to more suffering. Psychology of Joy utilizes a mindful and loving space approach to psychological pain. By learning to approach our suffering from this loving space we generate deeply joyous states of consciousness and lasting psychological change.

In this therapeutic process the means and the goal are the same. The beginning, the process and goal of counseling all flow from a compassionate and mindful space. The outcome generates a more expanded and stable experience of loving mindfulness in which to be with our life challenges and express our heart’s desires.

There is a general paradigm shift in the healing arts and sciences. Psychology of Joy is an expression of this positive productive shift. Now, psychological research and practice are increasingly focused on happiness, resiliency, strengths, and meaning. There is an increasing value placed on transpersonal and spiritual experiences, research in neuroscience on the biology of consciousness, which in turn is raising new questions about the philosophy of mind.

A psychology of joy is realistic and embraces not only what works and the ordinary human strengths and virtues of a person but also recognizes, assimilates and integrates those aspects of our experience that are painful and dissonant. It embraces the dark realities of our fear, despair, grief and pain that we may prefer to deny or avoid. Rather, holding these experiences in a space of loving consciousness will transform these challenging emotions, allowing in an experience of joy, illumination and liberation.

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