by Anjula Singh Bhadauria      

Wisdom of Light

In life, we usually come across situations and instances which are quite different from what we have learnt in school or through books.  Most of the times we are able to deal with these situations and they add up to our life’s experience but sometimes we fail to comprehend or deal with the things with required wisdom.

We should make it a point to collect the constructive thoughts that emerge from these experiences and make them a part of our personalities.  Our learning or knowledge needs to be a part of our being. It has to be the light that will slowly and gradually enlighten our soul. This is the distinction between knowledge and wisdom. Once we understand this we gain wisdom of light.

It is the wisdom, which if becomes a part of our nature, will indeed help us. The great distinction between the spiritual insight i.e. wisdom of light and accumulated learning is that while learning is helpful in the materialistic world, the wisdom of light enables us to be happy.

The extent to which happiness is rooted in our permanent nature will also be the test of our wisdom of light.

Life keeps on throwing surprises at us. Sometimes they are pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant. There is nothing like this in life that situations will arise only when we are ready to face it. Everything will come when it has to come.

When we develop the maturity to handle these situations with clarity and patience then only we can say that we have developed the wisdom of light. Mere book learning will not help us in this matter, because the learning of a scientific or a philosophical character would give us only some sort of outward information.

But this learning will not tell us how these things will act upon us. It is this wisdom of light that people lack. We always underestimate or overestimate things.

Every soul in their life is roped into something that is unexpected, unforeseen or unprepared situations. However, we have to go with a contented heart. To develop a better understanding nothing is better than the instances from Gautama Buddha’s life. Here, I will share one of the most popular one.


Painting By Anjula Singh Bhadauria©

During Buddha’s time, there lived a woman named Kisa Gotami who had a young son. One day, the baby fell sick and died soon after. Kisa Gotami refused to believe that her son was dead and carried the body of her son around her village, asking if there was anyone who can bring her son back to life.

A village elder took pity on her and suggested to her to consult Buddha. Kisa Gotami was extremely excited upon hearing the elder’s words. She immediately went to the Buddha’s residence and pleaded him to bring her son back to life.

I have a way to bring your son back to life. Bring me a mustard seed which must be taken from a house where no one has ever lost a family member. Bring this seed back to me and your son will come back to life.

Having great faith in Buddha’s promise, Kisa Gotami went from house to house, trying to find that mustard seed. She kept moving from house to house but the answer was all the same – every house had lost a family member to death. Kisa Gotami finally came to realise that there is no one in the world who has never lost a family member to death. Putting aside her grief, she buried her son in the forest.

One can win the entire world, but of what use if we are losing our own soul for that. Jesus also said, “If we are to lose our own soul and gain the whole world, what does it avail us.” Eventually, it is most important to understand and value the most vital thing in our life which is “Our own Self”. So, I would say Stay Positive and stay blessed!

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