Hospitality of our hearts and minds

Thursday, 17. January 2019

Rob Corcoran reflects on the celebration honoring 25 years of work by Hope in the Cities. He asks what lies behind the depth, dynamism and durability of this movement in Richmond which has inspired communities across America and internationally? The answer can be found in the lives of many of those present at the celebration. Each of them made choices to step beyond their fears, pride, privilege or hurt and to reach out to those who are different. They determined that relationships were more important than projects, and they have accompanied each other and others in the wider community who needed support, often acting as silent partners without any demand for public recognition. Creating space for change requires us to create places of hospitality in our hearts and minds. Hospitality means laying aside our preconceptions, bias and prejudices and learning to listen. Listen to the story of the other person, the other group; and listen to the voice of the Creator. Read Rob’s full reflection and highlights from a message from Senator Tim Kaine at

Rob Corcoran, author of ‘Trustbuilding: An Honest Conversation on Race, Reconciliation, and Responsibility’, has facilitated dialogue, reconciliation and partnerships among diverse and polarized racial, ethnic, and religious groups in an array of locales across the United States and in Europe, South Africa, India, Australia and Brazil. He is former National Director of Initiatives of Change, USA, and founder of its Hope in the Cities program which models honest conversation and partnerships across traditional boundaries. You can read his blog here:

NOTE: Individuals of many cultures, nationalities, religions, and beliefs are actively involved with Initiatives of Change. These commentaries represent the views of the writer and not necessarily those of Initiatives of Change as a whole.

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Alnorani Peace Initiative


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