What is the thin line between “loving yourself & being selfish”? How does it define one’s personality?

Shivani Narang

Shivani Narang, I find human psychology intriguing and funny.

Loving yourself essentially means valuing yourself whole-heartedly and completely, taking care of your own interests and well-being, giving yourself worth and having a self-respect. It is being in love with yourself truthfully. It is more about taking care of yourself, your physical, mental and emotional being. It is how you protect and guard yourself from all the harms this world and its constituents try to inflict on you. It is honoring yourself to an extent that you don’t allow other people to treat you in any other way except that is loving and healthy. It is how you prosper and keep growing in this self-centered, fast-paced, competitive and ruthless world.

It is doing all of this harmlessly, i.e without hurting or harming anyone/anything in any possible way. It is having a clear conscience and clean intention. It is fighting for your rights and well-being.

It is being selfless, yet indulging in self-love.

It is filling yourself with enough love and worth so that you can disseminate that love to this world unconditionally and in abundance!

Being selfish has got something negative resonating with it. The word defines itself. Being selfish also translates to taking care of one’s own interests, but it is at the cost of harming other individuals and/or things.It is about having unclean and malicious intentions. It comes with greed, jealousy, hate and feelings of incompetency. It is a constant quest to thrive alone, prosper alone and win alone. It is about focussing more on other’s defeat rather than on one’s own win. It is about taking care of oneself without paying heed to other’s well-being and interests. It does not take into account the neglect and harms you inflict on other individuals in the process of guarding one’s interests.

It is being ruthless, careless and inhuman. It is marked by a lack of empathy for one-another and having an unclear conscience and unclean intention.

Love yourself wholly and completely. Don’t allow this world to consume you out because of your inner essential goodness. Don’t allow this world to treat you in a way less than exactly how you deserve to be treated. Give yourself enough value and respect. Ensure your prosperity, but do all of this in a harmless way.

It should be more about loving and protecting yourself and thriving, prospering, growing together rather than just having a burning desire to be at the top alone at the expense of degrading or harming other entities.

Your growth should be commensurate with others’ growth, it should not hamper the others’ ability to grow more. Collective prosperity, you see with you being an integral part of it rather than being isolated from it.

There lies the thin line difference!

Love yourself without unloving others.

Jasmir Bagawida

Jasmir Bagawida

Instead of loving oneself I would rather use the words healthy self-esteem or self-respect.

Some people erroneously equate having a healthy self-esteem with selfishness. This can be easily confused when you consider many regard selflessness as positive and may not understand that self-esteem relates to the opinion one has of oneself. An individual with a healthy self-esteem would be realistic and appreciative of who they are. Their self-image would be accurate and honest.

Selfishness on the other hand means you are only caring about yourself and working towards meeting your own needs and wants without any regard for others. Selfishness is an extreme position. It is important for our survival to meet our own needs and care about ourselves. What makes selfishness negative is this leads one to harm others or neglect others and perpetuates one-sidedness.

Gaurav Moon

Gaurav Moon

Love and hate happens between two people

You loving yourself ? Are you 1 person or 2 within yourself ?

According to Oxford Dictionary English standard and scientific proofs,

Loving yourself, Self respect, Self belief are illogical claims

Like love, hate is a quality within us, if our emotions become sweet, we become LOVING

As far as Selfishness is concerned, you are not a genuine human being if you are not SELFISH

Talking about personality, again there is no such thing as that

Your so called personality is bits & pieces of idealogies, philosophies, habits & belief systems you have picked up from the list of people you have admired in entire life

Simran Kak

Simran Kak

Loving yourself is perfectly fine keeping in mind that doesnt harm other indivisual but loving only your own interest and ignoring others is selfishness

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