Live Life without stress and worries

Live Life without stress and worries

Happiness is all about perspective. To be happy is to be at peace within yourself and live day to day in the now enjoying our family and health, that’s my happiness.

Follow three rules “Don’t criticise; Don’t Compare & Don’t Complain” in your life.

Happiness is the greatest gift in life. When you find it, embrace it.

A man approached Buddha and said, “I want happiness.” Buddha said, “first, get rid of ‘I’, which is ego, then, get rid of want, which is desire. Now all you have left is happiness.” 

Happiness is a state of mind. If you desire that you will not have that and that and that, what are you thinking of? You’re definitely thinking about what you do not want. You should be thinking I’m happy and there for I have a free life, filled with love, joy and my income supports my lifestyle. ~ Mihai Barta 

Money and things can provide temporary happiness but love and family provides never ending happiness. ~ Susie Keen 

Happiness is an inside job. Rich or poor, doesn’t matter. Just like Abraham Lincoln said, “We are only as happy as we make our minds up to be.” ~ George McNally 

Always remember happiness is an inside job. It comes from the center of your being, not from the outside working in. It’s the same as spirituality. These things come from a place deep inside the heart and soul. Religion and joy are merely expressions of these spaces in time and are neither happiness nor spiritual unless they come from that very sacred space of deep expression with in us all. Stop; breathe slowly; listen intently with purpose and conviction; and magic happens when you least expect it; there you will find riches beyond measure. ~ Chet Santia 

For me to be happy is the little things that the Lord send my way. Like enjoying a hot cup of coffee and the word and knowing that you don’t have to go to work that week and the birds singing, spring is coming and yes, even letting the spring forward hour come. The rest will take care of its self. ~ Lily Rodriquez

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