alnorani charity initiative

HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of Gaza

Children of Gaza live under war, poverty and misery!
Death threatens children, women, elders and men of Gaza!
Patients in Gaza die because of siege and lack of medicine!
Human in Gaza lives in constant fear and anxiety of the future!
Poverty takes away dignity!
Humanity in Gaza!
Help the miserable human being in Gaza!
In Gaza people love life and want life!
In Gaza people hate death!
Help the children of Gaza to live in dignity and in peace!

HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of gaza




This “peace appeal” emanates from Gaza, which is stricken with poverty, terror, misery and death Gaza’s children live in poverty, terror and misery Gaza’s children are victims of a war that kills mothers, fathers and siblings. Gaza’s children, mothers, fathers and siblings hate war, hate the destruction of […]

Appeal to the Human conscience: Save humanity in Gaza from its poverty and misery

HELP misary children of Gaza

We look forward to your kind assistance to Gaza's poor and miserable children



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