alnorani charity initiative

Appeal to the Human conscience: Save humanity in Gaza from its poverty and misery

A 12-member Palestinian family is asking for help from those with compassionate hearts.

The head of the family has a disease that prevents him from moving and working.

The family consists of husband and wife and 10 young children.

Mother does not work.

There is no financial income for the family.

The state of the house in which the family lives is not suitable for human life.

The roof of the house had fallen on the children.

The family lives in the Gaza Strip, where poverty and misery are high because of political circumstances.

This family is an example of the situation experienced by many families in the Gaza Strip.
The ongoing war and the continuous blockade of the Gaza Strip is the cause of the continued poverty and misery experienced by citizens in the Gaza Strip.
There is another, fundamental reason: the silence of the human conscience, or the absence, of what is happening in the Gaza Strip.
I appeal to the human world to stand up and defend the right to a decent life for children, women, the elderly and men in the Gaza Strip

alnorani charity initiative

HELP OTHERS ساعد الآخرين


thank you.

HELP miserable, poor and horrible children of Gaza


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