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How do we achieve world peace?

Farzan Safavi, knows German

We live in a world filled with negativity full of unlimited digital exposure feeding terror, anger, rage and violence.

Technology creates a various frequencies which can have further negative effects on human neurons with the wrong imagery and sound frequency. This can keep you in the prison of your consciousness while you will be vibrating negativity and spread this throughout your environment. Negativity is contagious just like positivity. Human beings are electromagnetic. The mass media plus digital innovations are introducing a Frankenstein technology worldwide, don’t get me wrong I love the internet but it’s how being implemented into human lives with the wrong hands.

People are developing a mistrust with their governments in many countries. It’s like politicians are not working for the people but more for to create fear. Why would humans kill each other? Why would humans depopulate their own species?

The only way we can achieve world peace worldwide is when we can accelerate the progress of our evolution. We hold the key to our evolution through our cognitive neurons and behavior.


Here is how we achieve world peace, if every citizen takes these actions one by one, step by step.

  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself.
  • Respect the environment and see Earth as your only true home.
  • Don’t make decisions when you’re angry or sad.
  • If it’s hard for you to respect people because of their differences. Then atleast please do not abuse them physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • Do whatever it takes to maintain your assertive behavior. Be reasonable, honest, caring and empathetic.
  • You can spend an enternity killing, raping, abusing and hating but then what? What will you achieve? You’re creating bad karma for yourself.
  • Learn to forgive because you deserve unconditional inner peace.
  • Technology is good as long as it’s only bringing goodness into your life and others.
  • Hurting someone online is as hurtful as hurting someone in real life.
  • You could save someone’s life with your words, you could also end their lives. The decision is yours.
  • Don’t judge because he or she is religious, gay, black, different. If you don’t understand him/her ASK. They will be gladly explaining you about who they are.
  • Society is made of individuals. Learn to respect this diversity.
  • Judging someone before yourself and wishing them awful things is like doing the same thing for yourself.
  • Educate yourself about something you do not understand.
  • You think a group of religious people are evil, then make friends with them. You think people of different sexual orientations are sick, sit down and learn from them. You don’t like her feministic values and political view then ask her to educate you.
  • Learn to listen and think 10 seconds before you speak.
  • Learn to remain calm in every situation.
  • Love, live, laugh and promote positive energy wherever you are.

Once you do these steps. Humans will learn to wake up one by one and eventually we will reach global world peace and stability.

Hard work right?!?!





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