Its Soil, O Nour .. Etaf Janim – Poetry

عطاف جانم
Poet etaf Janim

Its Soil, O Nour

Etaf Janim

Palestinian poet living in Jordan

Translated by Nizar Sartawi

How many a beach in whose shells I hid

a new tale of Sinbad of the wondrous presence

and absence!

How many a ship suffered seasickness as I went on board!

How many a star did I trifle with promising

to bring her a basket brimming with

figs and joy …

How many a house did I warm

with fragrance, lush

gardens and life within

But I, O Noor,

like roots in our country

would feel disgraced

if I spent a single night


from its holy water


Its soil, O Noor.

flees from the fingers that peel and can

flees from

the mind of the executioner

flees from rivalry among brothers

flees from our shy neighing, from

our weird stillness

Flees… where ..O where ??

when our anguished pulsing heritage

drags it from the its collar

to the silver of presence and faith



there in the constellations

our birds.. children.. flags

are wet with blood

And look at the hanging gardens

surrounding the neck of the sky dome

There, the fruits of dreaming shine above us

so Juicy.. so passionate

gazing at you

Extend your hands

Release your tongue

I have abandoned this humpbacked age

and smashed with my flaming slippers

the trough of despair

Hurrah! Now we pick the fruits of the dream

and they greet us

saying in conclusion:

the soil is not ours


from the grandfather of the seventh land

to the a star

that opened the gate latches of the sky

for our Prophet

has returned to sing amongst us

Ya mejana Ya mejana

Ya mej ana


Note: Poet Nour Amer who came from Acca, Palestine, to visit the Jordanian Writers Association was surprised when we asked him to bring a handful of Acca soil in his next visit.

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