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ALNORANI from Gaza appeals to you all: Support my charitable initiative


I am Hasan Mohamed Mohamed Mai Alnorani, from Palestine. I was born on 3/8/1944 in the city of Jaffa. My family left her city to Gaza Strip During the war waged by Jewish immigrants against my people, which resulted in the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

My family fled for fear of war.

Many Palestinian families have fled for fear of war.

We fled to save our lives .. Death was threatening our lives!

I am still living in Gaza Strip. The war continues between Palestinians and Israelis. Israel does not want peace for us and its people. We want peace, we want peace based on justice.

I was launched from Gaza, an initiative for peace. I invite you to support my peace initiative.

Please, provide your moral and financial support for my initiative .. Please, invite your friends, to support my initiative ..

Because of the ongoing war, I and my people, live in constant fear and worry. Our children are afraid of the present, and they, and I with them, and all my people with them, in a state of severe anxiety, we expect war, destruction and death!

Gaza Strip under war and siege. My people live in poverty and misery, so I launched the “Alnorani Charity Initiative”, I will talk about, in the following ..

Before that, please, provide your moral and financial support for my initiative .. Please, invite your friends, to support my initiative ..

I am independent, I do not belong to any party or organization, I work for good and peace, because I believe in life, loving mind, and beautiful human values .. I rely on my spiritual faith with open mind, love, joy, freedom, justice, development and peace.

This is my call, and this is my holy message ..

I am a journalist, a writer, I love life, I call for life, I call for love, joy, freedom, justice and peace ..

I competed for the post of president of the Palestinian National Authority in the 2005 elections. Justice was my central issue.

I worked as a university lecturer, for a short time, extended a semester. I was exempted from this work, because of a different approach to thinking, between me and the university administration. I believe in the open loving mind. I manage a mental, spiritual and social health program.

I am still chairman  of “Freedom Forum Association” since I established it in 2009. The program of work of the association matches my charity program. The Association is a non-profit, non-profit organization. And independent. However, the performance of this association is very weak due to lack of support. My organization Threatened to stop.

I invite you again to support my peace initiative and my charitable initiative.

Together, we can create a better world, for a better life, for us!

Alnorani Charity Initiative

This  initiative is individual, human rights, social, cultural, health, and nonprofit.

Definition of Alnorani Charity Initiative:

The Alnorani Charity Initiative is an individual, independent, and nonprofit organization founded by Hasan Mohamed Mohamed Mai Alnorani, resident in Gaza City – Palestine.

The initiative focuses on humanitarian, social and civic issues that aim to promote the lives of the Palestinian people, especially children, youth and women, and to activate their capacities to build a free, knowledgeable and capable civil society.

The initiative aims to help the people of all sectors of society in various fields and in the belief in the need to guarantee the rights of individuals through the principle of equality and opportunities for all to participate in the development of Palestinian society.

To achieve  this purpose, the initiative was established to contribute to raising the capacity of all our people.

Objectives of the Initiative:

 The initiative works to achieving  the following objectives:

– Peace and security for the individual, society and homeland

– Freedom for the individual, society and homeland

– Justice for the individual, society and homeland

– Building a civil and moral society

– Building a cultural and scientific awareness in the individual and society

– Building a development projects, to provide income and self-reliance, for the individual and the community

– Provide comprehensive care for all groups of society

Initiative Plans:

In light of the fields of work and objectives of the “Alnorani Charitable Initiative”, the initiative outlines its plans and identifies and implements the following projects and programs, which are intended to serve the homeland and the citizen.

1. The national open program to honor the elderly: through the provision of financial,  social, health, physical and psychological care.

2 – Provide full care for orphans with the help of generous people.

3. Providing emergency assistance to severely impoverished families and assisting them in setting up productive projects to help them meet their needs.

4. Care for widows, divorced women and single ladies financially, and provide decent life and employment opportunities for them.

5. Family care: In accordance with a plan that focuses on spreading the culture of positive relations between the family members, in order to preserve the family building strong, and make it a healthy educational environment and a source of joy for its members.

6- Encouraging scientific research and providing financial support to university students.

7. The “direct intervention” charitable program to solve the social, economic and legal problems of citizens: In cooperation with the authorities, and by charitable reform intervention.

8. Program to immunize young people against falling victim to addiction, and help them And help them recover from addiction, in cooperation with the competent authorities.

 9- Sponsorship and development of talent, intelligence and skills.

10- Achieving  “Know and Defend Your Right” program, through workshops, seminars, publications and audio-visual media, to familiarize each individual with his / her rights and means of obtain their rights.

12= Implementation of the program “Know your responsibilities towards yourself and your community, and do it,” through workshops, seminars, publications and audio-visual media.

13- Building  public and scientific culture: by organizing periodic meetings, and holding courses in many areas.

14- Promoting moral civic behavior: through workshops, seminars, publications and media, in cooperation with various  authorities and community forums.

15. Launching the “People’s Dialogue Initiative” to assess democracy and develop national performance and defend legitimate national and individual rights and interests.

16 – Achieving  “Your life is worthy of your interest” program: Focuses on strengthening the will of the positive life of the individual and the community, and adjust their systems to achieve the individual and the community, a healthy life physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially.

16-Achieving  “Justice protects society safety” program: Through educational activities that promote the value of justice and defend the oppressed.

The financial resources of the Initiative:

The financial resources of the Initiative consist of:

1 – donations of good people. DONATE

2. Revenues of economic programs and projects implemented by the Initiative.


This initiative is ambitious. At present, its founder does not have the means to do what he dreams. Implementing the dream of the founder of the initiative is possible, provided that you cooperate with him. The founder of the initiative, has a dream and deep spiritual faith and will, perseverance, believes in the work of good, and dedicates his life to the good, but he needs your support.

The programs of the Initiative will be implemented, clearly and in light, according to a timeline, consistent with the support required for implementation and in line with the most pressing needs of the target groups, And gradually.

The implementation of the initiative begins in the Gaza Strip. Then extends to the rest of Palestine, and then extends to the whole world.

To communicate with “Alnorani Charity Initiative”:

Palestine – Gaza Strip – North Governorate – Mobile:

00972 59 22588528, 00972 59 9412414, 00972 56 7655222

Facebook: hasan alnorani Founder of the Initiative: Dr. Hasan Mohamed Alnorani



To donate by PayPal, please click the next link: 

Or: Or use Western Union

Send a money order in the name of Hassan Mohamed Alnourani, Gaza, via: Western Union.

Or: by any other service available.

Thank you very much.

To donate by PayPal, please click the next link:





ِArabic text النص العربي


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