alnorani charity initiative

A gift for you: a free consultation from doctor Hasan Alnorani, a spiritual psychologist

Hasan Alnorani

My friends, women, and men .. This post is located in the field of charitable work. If you think it is useful to you, please, give this benefit to others .. If you think that it is not useful to you, you are right. But it gives you a chance to win a great value prize. Click on “Like”, write a comment, share it on your page, your friend’s pages, your groups, and send it to your friends via Messenger. Participate in charitable work, and wait for your big prize .. I love you all…
A gift for you: a free consultation from doctor Hasan Alnorani, a spiritual psychologist
Do you have a psychological, emotional, family or social problem?
Do you suffer from a disease and can not be cured?
Do you feel that the doors of success in your life are closed to you?
Do you want to resolve your issue? Do you want to heal? Do you want to achieve success?
We open the way for you to live a happy, healthy and successful life!
Contact me. do not hesitate!
Write a detailed message about your problem, submit it. Also, send your photos that show your psychological and health status, use the following e-mail:
I do not ask you, the price of my service to you. I want you to help my charitable initiative: make a donation, which I am directing for charitable work. The amount of donation is (20) USD. You can donate more. It’s up to you. Send it via PayPal, on my following account:
If you do not have a PayPal account, use the following link to create an account:
it’s free and very easy.
You can also donate through the Western Union service on behalf of: Hassan Mohammed Alnorani – Resident in the Gaza Strip / Palestinian Authority.
I love you. Be always cheerful. You are blessed.
Hasan Alnorani
Psycho-spiritual doctor
Gaza – Palestine-Mobile: 00972 59 2588528
Facebook: hasan alnorani
Visit: Alnorani charity initiative. Click the following link:

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