alnorani charity initiative

Save the newborn babies in Gaza whose mothers and fathers leave them to be eaten by stray dogs

نتيجة بحث الصور عن كلاب ضالة تنهش طفلا حديث الولادة
Stray dogs eating anew born child

Stray dogs, and rats, ate a newborn child, his mother threw him, immediately after his birth, in an abandoned place.
This is a very scary event! This happened, in Gaza. The mother disappeared, and the child lost his life.
In another incident, an infant was found in a public toilet in a plastic bag while the flies were gathering around him, where the umbilical cord and blood from birth had not yet been removed from the baby.
Also, in a very frightening incident, during the burning of garbage, people found a newborn child lying in the garbage.
In another incident, people saved, a newborn child, from a stray dog, was holding the child, and the dog was trying to escape.
Do you know, my friends, why are these terrible events happening ?! Here’s the answer:
These are children born of a relationship between a man and a woman, who are not formally married.
These are children, the community here in Gaza, and in the entire Islamic world, see them as “illegitimate.”
Society renounces, or slaughters, the mothers of these children.
These children represent a scandal for the mother, the father, and their families.
Mother and father get rid of their scandal. They are afraid of taking responsibility for having their “illegitimate” child.
If the mother’s family discovers this illegitimate relationship, the family members slaughter the mother.
They may also slaughter the father.
I want to adopt some, or all of these children. And take care of them. But I need money.
Help me. Give me money, I want to save some, or all these children, from torment, and from death.
Your help supports the implementation of the “Alnorani Sons Charity House” project, which I am working on. This project aims to adopt children who have lost their own family lives and provide the best possible family atmosphere for them.
God Bless you.

صورة ذات صلة
A newborn child, his mother put him in a carton, and left him on the street
A newborn child left by his mother in an abandoned place
نتيجة بحث الصور عن كلاب ضالة تنهش طفلا حديث الولادة
A newborn child, died after his mother left him in an abandoned place

I am, Dr. Hasan Mohamed Alnorani, a resident in the Gaza Strip-Palestine, invite you, My Sisters and My Brothers, to adopt my project by sharing it to the fullest extent possible.

I would like to invite you to make a donation via PayPal using the following e-mail:

Or using the following link:

Or: by sending a money order, in my name: Hasan Mohammed Alnorani, through the Western Union Money Transfer Service.

Or via whatever method suits you.

Thanks to you, I love you!

Glory to you!

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