The Evolution of the God Illusion by Ir Jim K.K. Wong

As one may have read Cicero in The Nature Of The Gods, ancient people were vivid observers of the sky and the celestial bodies because of their livelihood- they were mostly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. The cycles of nature and seasons were the most important factors affecting farming civilizations. The brilliant ‘stars’ Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and the zodiac were also objects of great interest. These heavenly bodies were regarded as deities even by learned philosophers. Cicero and Socrates had a field day demolishing these strongly held prevailing ideas. One popular god illusion of the West and Middle East began with patriarch Abraham who was an astronomer from Mesopotamia. He studied Jupiter avidly and could predict its behavior which he used it to his advantage in his migration to the Fertile Crescent and in his encounters with hostile inhabitants. Abraham had the delusion that Jupiter-Yahweh was a deity who could be depended to assist him in troubled times. The Yahweh Delusion was passed down from Abraham to son Isaac and grandson Jacob. Jacob’s 12 sons migrated to Egypt, multiplied and eventually became slaves. Moses a pariah Egyptian prince became the rebel leader of the Hebrew slaves when he discovered his roots. At the opportune moment, c.1450 BCE, Venus erupted from unstable fast-spinning Red Giant Jupiter and shot into the inner solar system like a billiard ball along a highly elliptical orbit. It had several close encounters with Earth, Moon and Mars and created stunning phenomena or ‘miracles’ such as the much exaggerated Ten Plagues, parting of the Red Sea, the rain of manna, apparent stopping of the Earth’s rotation, and even the destruction of the mighty army of Sennacherib near Jerusalem. Moses and his successors apparently knew and could predict more or less unusual celestial phenomena and attributed them to a tribal deity Yahweh who was connected with their deliverance and survival. Every successful prediction or expectation resulted in augmenting the god illusion. The god illusion evolved through stupendous sagas, cross fertilized by neighbors and reformers roughly from 1500 BCE to 500 BCE. However, the Hebrews had a confused idea of this savior deity and its feminine aspects, such as the Celestial Cow giving manna-milk. In the evolutionary process, Yahwist patriarchs literally wrote off the influential Goddess and made Yahweh a lone male god of Judaism and Christianity. The underlying motive developing this god illusion is Moses’ and Israel’s covetousness of the fertile Holy Land. Moses needed a justification to commit genocide, to rob, loot, destroy and drive out people inhabiting the land of milk and honey. The justification is a tribal god of Israelites who gives mandate to his chosen race to rob and steal the Promise Land from ‘evil’ worshippers of false gods! The underlying theory for this god illusion evolution hypothesis is based on Immanuel Velikovsky’s bestseller of the 1950s, Worlds in Collision. This hypothesis met fierce opposition in academia and Establishment Science. The AAAS Symposium 1974 was convened to address the serious challenge. Here, the author produces abstracts from various experts in various disciplines of sciences and arts to counter objections to the underlying theory. The god illusion presented here is my own interpretation of the psychological impacts and aspects of these astounding celestial phenomena. I am using appropriate knowledge in several disciplines to support my thesis, such as radiation chemistry, upper atmosphere chemistry and behavioral science. My training as a stock analyst to read the underlying environment enables me to read in between the lines, to speculate and connect the gaps and dots together and present a satisfying version of the god illusion.




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