Kegel Exercises or Strengthening Pelvic Floor Muscles

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Rehabilitation of the Pelvic Floor
Muscles: Rehabilitation was done using the
Tanzberger Exercises, given by German
Physical Therapist, Renate Tanzberger. The
participant was made to sit on a Swiss Ball
(approx. 68-70cm in diameter), with the hip
and the knee flexed to 90o and the feet
properly placed on the ground. The
participants were explained in detail about
the PFM. The landmarks were explained by
making them sit on a firm surface (chair)
and by making them feel for the contraction
and relaxation of the gluteal, anal and the
vaginal muscles.
1. Exercise 1- Rolling the Ball
Forward: The participant was asked
to roll the ball forward towards the
knee without lifting off the feet and
keeping the lumbar spine erect.
While rolling, contraction of the
PFM was to be done and while
returning, relaxation. 
2. Exercise 2-Back to Back Sitting: The
participant and the therapist sat on
the Swiss Ball back to back. The
participant was asked to pull the ball
towards the knees which do not
move and this activity was restricted
or slowed down by the therapist who
tried to pull the ball in opposite
direction. This brings about the
isometric contraction of the pelvic
floor muscles. 
The participant was asked to contract the
pelvic floor muscles (50 contractions for
each exercise) while exhaling and relax
while inhaling. Treatment was given for 4
weeks, 3 sessions per week. Each session
continued for about 20-30 minutes
depending upon the fatigue level of each
individual subject with sufficient rest break
in between each exercise.



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