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What Men Want

A successful sports agent (Taraji P. Henson) mysteriously gains the ability to hear men’s thoughts. With this newfound power, she looks to outsmart her colleagues but the lengths she goes to put her relationships to the test in this hilarious comedy!Genres Comedy, RomanceDirectorAdam ShankmanStarringTaraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Richard Roundtree Rentals […]

History of the Novel

BEST NOVELS – CLICK The novel originated in the early 18th century after the Italian word “novella,” which was used for stories in the medieval period. Its identity has evolved and it is now considered to mean a work of prose fiction over 50,000 words. Novels focus on […]

The low of life-Short story

by Jack London Old Koskoosh listened greedily. Though his sight had long since faded, his hearing was still acute, and the slightest sound penetrated to the glimmering intelligence which yet abode behind the withered forehead, but which no longer gazed forth upon the things of the world. Ah! that […]

الباليه… رقصة العصور!

الباليه هو احد فنون الرقص إلى تعبر عن مشاعر ورغبات  وتطلعات الانسان منذ اقدم العصور وهذا الفن كغيرة من الفنون مر بمراحل عديدة اضفت عليه خصائص وسمات متابينة. ففى البدء كان الرقص فنا فطريا او عفويا رغم قدرة الانسان الطبيعية على اداء الموضوعات التي تهم عالمه ومنها ما […]